Honeywell Prowatch Security Management Suite Rocks

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When security is important, people turn to solution from providers with good track records; better yet, they turn to companies with excellent track records in both security software as well as hardware. For many companies Honeywell Prowatch has proven to be a very effective security management suite. What makes this security management suite more attractive is that it is offered in four different versions, with varying levels of features. This makes Honeywell Prowatch security management software suitable for a wide range of business sizes.

What Features Does The Honeywell Prowatch Security Management Software Offer?

Honeywell Prowatch security management suite can support the requirements of small business enterprises requiring only the basic security functions and a maximum of 32 doors, to large business enterprises with support for monitoring of up to 20,000 doors. Thus the security suite can be found protecting anything from very small buildings, campuses, and manufacturing facilities to government buildings and critical infrastructure. The security suite is modular, so it is extremely scalable. This online article discusses the value of finding the right balance in property management security.

All versions feature centralized control, with the most sophisticated version able to integrate access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection systems.

The top of the line enterprise version can integrate control over global sites involving thousands of devices and security equipment. Through this software suite you can assign assets to be tracked, and control access to building elevators. The operator can choose to customize what triggers alarms and also the response (actions taken) to different types of incidents; who to notify and what methods are used for notifications.

One of the most useful features of the software is its ability to generate various types of reports. There are basic data and statistics reports which can be pulled from the system in a flash. However, reports can be custom designed to focus on specific data and statistics attributes, and to help in data mining efforts. The software can be programmed to generate specific reports at pre-determined intervals.

All versions with the exception of the entry-level Prowatch Lite edition feature badging, web based alarm and event monitoring, mustering, anti-passback and guard tours, minimum and maximum occupancy enforcement, and integration of video devices. It also supports some Commend intercom server versions. For good measure, the Honeywell Prowatch security management suite also has options to integrate third party hardware, radar & video surveillance, and biometrics access control systems.

There is also an option to add the Honeywell Security Development kit which gives the ability to also integrate lighting & heating, fire, and ventilation and air conditioning systems for a truly comprehensive control.

Why Go For the Honeywell Prowatch Security Management Software Suite?

Companies and organizations look for security solutions to protect their people, keep assets safe and to ensure compliance with government regulatory requirements. The security software solution that gives all those benefits in the most convenient and efficient manner and offers seamless integration to various types of security hardware has the edge.

With Honeywell behind them, Prowatch software fits the bill perfectly.