Multi Touch Frame Overlays Give New Life To Old Monitors

multi touch frame

View only screens are on the way out; in fact, there are no more smart phones being manufactured which sport view-only screens. And for those who have limited finances a multi touch frame may be the most affordable way to transition from passive screens. Many manufacturers now offer several models of multi touch frame screens in sizes that range from a low of 32” to a maximum of size of over 150”.

What are multi touch frames and why are they affordable alternatives to replacing passive screens with those having multi touch capability? Multi touch frames are devices which are fitted over existing monitors to give them multi-touch capability. It turns normal screens into interactive ones at significantly less cost than buying a replacement multi touch screen. It is not an exaggeration to say that these devices breathe new life into old monitor screens. It cannot be used for smart phones and over smaller monitors though, because of size limitations; the smallest size available is usually 32”.

For an office manager who wants to make the display on their reception area interactive, but is not willing to pay the price of a new touch screen monitor, a multi touch frame is the answer. They are cost a lot less and deliver the same level of performance. A few possible disadvantages include: a very slight increase in power consumption as both frame and the existing monitor consume power, and a minor increase in bulk. These are almost insignificant as modern multi-touch frames use very little power and are sometimes just a few millimeters thick. The advanced technology used on these devices are due in part to the efforts of organizations such as the Computer and Communications Industry Association who continually seek ways to improve their products..

Similarly displays in showrooms and trade exhibits are not as effective when passive view-only screen are used. But when fitted with multi touch frames, the displays suddenly become attractive points of interaction with clients – the very thing showrooms and trade exhibits are made for.

These devices can be manufactured to fit most screens of all shapes and sizes. However many manufacturers already have standard multi touch frames which fit the sizes of the most common brands of monitors. So if your existing passive monitor is made by a popular manufacturer and is rectangular in size, you can probably purchase a standard multi touch frame for it right off the shelf.

One of the best things about these frames is that most of the time they come ready for immediate use. Some models 46” or less use so little power that they can use just a normal USB connection, and has plug and play capability. In order to ensure wide acceptance, designers have purposely made these devices very user friendly, with an intuitive interface that even novice computer users can easily learn.

To ensure durability, the devices are made durable, dirt, dust and humidity resistant. Screen tops are made of hard, sometimes even tempered glass so they have high scratch resistance. Water resistant multi touch screens are also available.