Predictive Dialer System Has Loads Of Benefits

the best predictive dialer system

Call centers are sprouting all over.  Businessmen are availing of the benefits of hiring professional communicators to keep their cash registers ringing and their clients happy. That results in a virtual deluge of business involving ever increasing numbers of phone calls to make or to receive.  Ads seeking applicants for call center agent posts are scattered over the internet and in many newspapers.  After all, more business means the need for more people, right?  Not necessarily.  Many contact centers are trying to find ways to increase efficiency first; it is just more cost effective that way.  Often this leads to the search for the best virtual call center software or the best predictive dialer systems.

Part of the reason may have to do with the difficulty in finding people who have the required communication skills and calm disposition required of call center agents; to say that not all people have it is an understatement.  After rigorous screening turns up potential candidates, they have to undergo extensive training before they can start to work.  When they are up to standard call center agents are tempted by offers from competitors.  So many contact centers whose business grows can simply choose to hire more people they need to pay, train, provide working space and pamper, or they can improve their efficiency so their people can handle more work.  Many are finding the efficiency improvement option less expensive.  The National Association of Call Centers is one of the industry organizations which have continuously conducted research aimed at improving performance and efficiencies at call centers.

Automation using software is one of the easiest ways to increase efficiency without sacrificing performance and work quality.  For doing repetitive tasks a predictive dialer system can be the equivalent of several call center agents, and perform such tasks more accurately. It is very cost effective to use such systems because contact centers don’t have to invest in expensive hardware; the system is a software service usually provided through the cloud.  As such costs of deploying such systems is low and ROI period is short.

The software can dial multiple phone numbers in quick succession picking only those that receive a live voice response to pass on to call center agents.  Even before they dial numbers the software can check to ensure they are not included in ‘no call’ lists. The best predictive dialer system also use complex algorithms to determine the best time to call a client and to choose the most promising leads to call.  The number of available agents & phone lines, the probability of getting a human response, the average length of calls and the time between calls are some of the factors used for predictions. Descriptions of many types of automation software may be viewed at

Such software immediately drops calls which are not answered, are manned by answering machines, busy tones and fax tones.  Data about the calls made are gathered so that disconnected and other unresponsive or unqualified contacts are removed from the records.   It picks up when clients request a call back, or follow-up and when prospects definitely say they are not interested.

All of these benefits of automation software result in increased sales, greater efficiency and significant cost savings.